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Lehman NetRadio with Prof. Carney
The first taping of the "Lehman NetRadio Week In Review" will be taped on Wednesday February 8th at 1:00 PM.  It will air on Bronxnet later in the week.  For those wishing to be on the panel...
Subjects will include: The uproar over the cartoon image of the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper; the mayor's popularity and his new plans for the city and the Bronx State of the Borough address.
background links: listen to the first segment.
Re: t mayor:
From News 12 web site:

BX borough president gives glimpse into the future during State of Borough Address

(02/02/06) TREMONT – Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. laid out a plan Thursday to make the Bronx better during his first State of the Borough Address following his re-election.

Carrion talked about the progress he’s made as borough president and also what he plans to do to make more improvements. Key items on the agenda included creating a sports commission to keep Bronx children active and out of trouble, creating a permanent children’s museum, using elderly residents’ buying power to broker a deal with insurance agencies and reducing unemployment through private enterprise. Carrion talked about the jobs being created at the New Fulton Fish Market and the new Yankee Stadium.

The borough president also pointed out how he helped create 15,000 new affordable housing units for Bronx residents during his tenure.

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