Professor Jim Carney

CNR CMA 649 Corp Video Prod.
CNR CMA 649 Corp Video Prod.
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Corporate Video Production
Summer 2006

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College Of New Rochelle

Graduate School Communications Studies


CMA 649  - Corporate Video Production

Instructor – Prof. Jim Carney

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00-9:45 PM                                      July 6, 2006 –August 3, 2006

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: (914) 424-0434; Email:


Course Description:

This course is designed to present in detail, the process of developing, executing, distributing corporate media productions for the purposes of information dissemination, promotion internal and external communications and new media applications.  Television production techniques in both studio and field production aqnd an introduction to digital non-linear editing will be highlighted.  Extensive use of class trips to production facilities and guest speakers will be an integral part of the curriculum. 


Course Objective

The primary objective of the course is for students to come away with an understanding of how corporate entities utilize television and other media to promote internal and external business plans.  Students will attain an understanding of the scope and power of “non-broadcast” media production & distribution.



As this is a truncated semester week, attendance at all classes is extremely important and expected.  Any more than three absences may subject the student to a reduced grade. If you must miss a class, please let me know IN ADVANCE of your absence.  Material covered in missed classes is the responsibility of the student and absence does not excuse assignments from being submitted on time.  Media production is a deadline-based business and so all assignments are due when indicated on this syllabus or as instructed in class. Late assignments will be reduced in grade.  Assignments may be emailed by prior arrangement.



For the courtesy of fellow students and in order to fully get the most out of the course, please make every effort to get to class on time.  Chronic lateness may also result in a reduced grade.



            This class will be participatory and everyone is expected to join in discussions and actively participate in production exercises. A portion of each class will be set aside to discuss observations relating to course materials seen, read or heard during the preceding week.


Grade Evaluation

            A letter grade will be assigned to each student consistent with College of New Rochelle grading policy, upon the successful completion of the course.  Grade distribution will be as follows:

            Two quizzes (15 pts each):                                                                        30 %

            Edited Project group                                                                        35 %

Two papers (2-3 pages)                                                                         30 %

            Attendance, participation & lateness                                                  5 %            


Statement of Academic Integrity

            The Graduate School seeks to prepare students for professional roles within their fields. Congruent to the mission of the College, the Graduate School holds students to high standards of ethical and professional practice.  The knowledge of and adherence to standards of professional ethics and practice is an integral part of professional preparation at The College of New Rochelle.  Faculty members and students have an obligation to maintain high standards of academic integrity established by the Graduate School. Full information regarding these standards is available in the Graduate School bulletin on pages 19 and 20.


Class Topics (approximate):


Class 1 – Thursday - July 6, 2006

Distribution of Syllabus, Introductions, Expectations; Overview; Studio Production

Assignments: go to web site and compose three questions about the company for next class; Read Chapters 1, 3 & 4 in DiZazzo


Class 2 – Tuesday - July 11

            Anatomy of a Corporate Production Project – Guest Speaker – Derek Woods – DWI Productions

                        Assignment: Chapters Read 6, 7, 9 & 10


Class 3 – Thursday – July 13

            Pre-production, Script elements; Intro to ENG/EFP Production

Chapter 16, 17 & 21; go to web site and come up with two questions for next class.


Class 4 – Tuesday – July 18 - SPECIAL TIME 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Remote Production Visit - Yankee Stadium Internal Productions/Game Creek Video-YES High Definition Production Truck


Class 5 – Thursday July 20

            Quiz #1 - Field Shooting on Campus in teams

                        Chapters 22 & 23


Class 6 – Tuesday July 25

            Paper #1 Due

Remote Studio Trip – Live Broadcast – Perspectives with Daren Jaimie - Bronxnet Studios & BXFX Productions

                        Chapters 26, 28 & 29


Class 7 – Thursday July 27

            Post Production Editing


Class 8 – Paper #2 Due

Tuesday August 1 (Class start 7:00 PM)

                        Post Production Editing


Class 9 – Thursday August 3

            Last Class; Project Presentations -2nd Quiz




Corporate Media Production 2nd edition

Ray DiZazzo

c2004, Focal Press,  ISBN 0-240-80514-3                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CMA649-Su06

CMA 649 Assignments

Prof. Jim Carney

Summer Session II

July 6 – August 3, 2006



Due Thursday, July 20th

-        Quiz #1 on Chapters 1, 3,4,6,7,9,10,16,17 & 21 (we will review specifics prior to quiz )


Due Tuesday July 25th

-        Paper #1

Write a 600 – 850 word essay recapping either the Field trip to Yankee Stadium OR the presentation of Derek Woods of DWI Productions. Recount the presentation(s), describe what surprised you, what met your expectations, and how it will influence how you view similar programming in the future.


Due Tuesday August 1st

-        Paper #2

As with Paper #1 – Write a 600- 850 word essay on the visit to Bronxnet, the live cablecast of Perspectives With Daren Jaimie and BXFX Productions OR second field trip (TBD).


Due Thursday August 3rd

-        Quiz # 2

 On Chapters 22,23,26,28 & 29.  (We will review specifics prior to quiz)  

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